What makes CODE different from other similar services is that we believe in offering complete care services. Unlike other companies we don’t offer a single or a group of products and services, we believe in being by our customers at every step and even beyond. Guided by this belief, our consultation services have been a great step towards our and our customer’s success.

Our consultation services are the perfect starting point towards your goals. With experts and professionals carrying out our consultations you have the advantage of learning and understanding real time situations and requirements. This is an approach by CODE under its care services, with consultation being one of the forerunners of our comprehensive approach to help our customers.

Our CODE Consultation services bring to you the following benefits:

  • With a team of expert trainers, we deliver certified trainings to individuals as well as organizations. Our consultation services include professional trainings like the ITIL that are aimed towards effective management of your IT structures.
  • Our consultation services are with keeping in view the need to protect and enhance the IT structures with the tools, methods and technologies that are driving the market today.
  • With everything being dependent on the IT structure, our trainings led by experts can help you have a better and stronger foothold.
  • We also offer ISO 20001 certified trainings that can help your IT personnel and organization understand and execute a better managed IT service. It is one of the most effective trainings for enhanced IT service management systems.
  • Our interactive sessions allow you to ask questions, dive deeper into IT systems and their management and at the same time acquire key learnings that will help you go a long way.


At CODE we don’t just offer a product or a service, we establish meaningful associations and guide you from the starting point to the daily functioning and even after. Our training modules are certified and will help you get to the very root of IT structures and systems, thus enhancing your overall efficiency and management. Be it a face to face consultation with an individual or a group consultation for the organization, we effectively deliver the trainings, keeping in mind the exact needs of your organization and its growth.

Consultation is a key factor that determines how effective implementation and execution will be. Sound consultation has the power to swing your efforts towards desired results. We ensure that everyone who receives our consultation services is able to move forward and achieve complete success, backed by knowledge and learnings.

We ensure that our customers are educated and protected, have expert solutions and recommendations to rely on and have complete support that helps them integrate their business with today’s needs.


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