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We are CODE for CreateBuildDevelopManagement Solutions

CODE is a leading partner for many heavyweight companies in the ICT sector, most notably Cisco, as it contributes to a large portion of Cisco’s business in Saudi Arabia.

About CODE

  • Built on years of experience by experts, we ensure that our customers are educated and protected, have expert solutions and recommendations to rely on and have complete support that helps them integrate their business with today’s needs.
  • From professional security services to IT security solutions, end-to-end business solutions, ERP systems and professional services – CODE offers it all and more. We also offer a wide variety of security services and products, and continuously develop better and more enhanced solutions to secure the IT infrastructure. Over the years our consultation services have helped many professionals as well as organizations reach their maximum potential.

Our Vision

CODE is built upon a single focused vision- complete care services and solutions for all our valuable customers. The vision is built upon the rising need for businesses to make a mark and move ahead towards success. We strive to be the best and never stop developing and enhancing our services and products to achieve that position. Our team of experts, developers and researchers are all aligned to the vision of CODE and relentlessly work towards achieving it.

CODE is built upon a foundation of complete customer satisfaction and every initiative is completely directed towards the benefit of our customers. We are committed to becoming industry leaders and endeavor to maximize our services for the benefits of our customers.

Our Mission

Our Mission is straight forward- enable our customers be aware and have the right care services and solutions for all their needs. All our services and products have been especially built upon expertise and sound research to ensure that we achieve the mission of protecting and safeguarding our customers through sound consultation, integration, implementation and support.

Our mission is to ensure that all our customers benefit from our  Services. We not only provide end-to-end business solutions, safety and security solutions, professional services and consultations but also educate our customers about the many possibilities that lay ahead. With a passion for innovation we continuously strive to better and improve our services.

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Leadership - The Team

While vision provides direction, values direct action. We cherish them. They are very close to our hearts and we firmly believe that they are the foundation of our strength, our character and our standards. Time and time again, project after project these values have guided our actions.


ISO Quality - 9001/14001/18001

Emircom is ISO 9001 certified. This standard is based on a number of quality management principles including strong customer focus, senior management motivation and content, process approach and continuous improvement.

Emircom is ISO 14001 certified. The ISO 14000 standard set provides practical tools for companies and organizations of all types looking to manage their environmental responsibilities.