Dedicated Analytics Services

Professional customized data analysis services

CODE can develop the right analytics solution for your business, and provide the services you need upon request. Whether you need a comprehensive data solution or want to focus on a specific business analytics challenge, we can help.
Code’s IT dedicated analytics service takes the effort integrating and preparing data from all of your sources. It helps you create insights and products that will help you increase revenue, innovate, make your customers happier, and improve your operations – whether you work in IT, marketing, or operations.

Choose from these services to create the solution that best suits your needs

  • Data Workshop
  • Data evaluation
  • Data strategy and roadmap development
  • Analytics and advanced analytics, and definition of data product use cases
  • Platform architecture development
  • Choose the main techniques
  • Data governance planning
  • Detailed solution design
  • The composition and composition of the solution components
  • Data source integration in a data hub (ETL)
  • Use Status Check and Deploy the solution
  • Maintenance solutions 24/7
  • Business / Analytics business days, including:
  • Analytics Help Desk
  • Data Movements and Analytics / Additions / Changes

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