How to Build Your Own Professional DB Consulting Service in 40 Days…?

DB Consulting specializes in SQL Server, our tutorial and training is founded on real-life experience, and we practice what we preach! In addition to training courses and workshops, we offer:

How to start using Microsoft SQL Server and create your own DB application in 10 days..?

How to build DR solutions and distributed systems in 5 days..?

How to build and manage your database infrastructure in 10 days..?

How do you configure and scale your databases to handle the largest workload in 5 days..?

How to build your own data engineering platform, RTDWH (Real Time Data Storage), data market, online data migration and online data archiving for TB data in 10 days..?

DB . Consulting Overview

Who should attend..?

  • Everyone involved in managing, developing, analyzing or engineering SQL Server
  • All those passionate about digging into SQL Server and adding more SQL Server hands-on experience
  • Everyone who has basic concepts about T-SQL programming and the ability to write T-SQL sentences
  • All those passionate about MCSE certification in SQL Server Management and Development
  • Everyone working as a developer. net, DB Administrator, DB Analyst, or DB Engineer.