Update data warehouses

Scalable and enable analytics.

Align IT with business goals with a scalable, cloud-based data warehouse that enables analysis.

  • They’ll love it when you give them access to all of their data.
  • Your CFO will love how cost-effective it is to use the cloud.
  • You’ll love it when CODE does the work for you.

Code’s advanced analytics team brings the best of engineering skills; achieve data integration and analytics results faster with a modern data warehouse. Benefit from our 20 years of experience and deep technical expertise in both open source databases and the cloud, and strong relationships with public cloud vendors Google, AWS, and Azure. Adopting a modern, cloud-based data warehouse is the first step towards switching to truly paid data.

How to earn with a modern, cloud-based data warehouse

Provides unlimited scalability, inexpensive storage, and costs to use.

You can easily merge multiple data sources, organized or unstructured, internal and external, so that all users have all the data they want

It lets you produce reports and analytics results in seconds, never hours – whether you’re doing simple analyzes or running machine learning models.

It removes the complexity of data access and processing limitations for traditional data warehouses, and it gives developers and business users alike self-service access to their data.

How we can help your business

We Plan, implement, Manage and Grow Data Modernization Projects in the Cloud.

A practical step-by-step plan that makes you enjoy the benefits of updating sooner with a plan to expand without risk. Here’s an example of everything we consider for migrating to a GCP cloud data repository.

We create a new data warehouse or migrate it from a data center on site or from one cloud service provider to another. For proof, try our BigQuery POC demo.

We don’t put you down and walk away. We’ll manage the data warehouse on your behalf and make sure it continues to operate reliably.

Grow from a data warehouse to a true data center with full assimilation and integration of multi-source data, all the way to supporting full analytics. View our analysis as a service offer.

We have deep experience in updating data warehouses and unloading data warehouses with Hadoop for your workplace environment.