Analytics services

Professional data analysis services

CODE as a service analytics puts the power of data in everyone’s hands so they can make informed decisions, develop new sources of revenue, improve customer experiences, and more.
This fully managed all-in-one service brings your multi-source data and formats together in the cloud. Then CODE assists with advanced analytics and visualizations to ensure business users and data scientists have access to the data they need.

Whose Analytics Service

In line with your business more closely. Give users access to the data they need by dismantling silos, without losing control. Easily measure data as volumes grow.

Get a 360-degree view of marketing performance. Combine multi-source data to answer questions and quickly determine the best combination of tactics to achieve your goals.

Get a 360-degree comprehensive view of your customers’ experience by accessing more high-quality data from internal and external sources. Anticipate disruption, and make recommendations on cross-selling and selling.

Offer valuable insights to business users without creating custom reports. Help users with self-service data so you can stay focused on strategic initiatives, not provide personalized reports.

Make more informed decisions. Provide a complete picture of business performance for your customers, employees, shareholders, and other stakeholders using advanced dashboards.

View financial performance and other metrics from across your organization to make better decisions. Support your compliance initiatives with complete data.

Optimize asset utilization, improve fraud detection, control expenses, effectively track KPIs, and optimize your supply chain.

Understand SaaS product performance. Create and embed analytics in your systems and applications. Build machine learning and IoT capabilities in your products faster.

How to Help Analytics Service

Analytics as a service is a comprehensive cloud-based solution that captures and integrates data from multiple sources into a fully managed data center, then enables you to create outputs such as dashboards, forms, and data products that turn your data into value.

No more data warehouses. Just one platform with an integrated data warehouse that includes sandboxes for data scientists, self-service analytics for business users, and data services for inclusion in your apps.

Expert teams, agile approach, support for the industry’s most available visualization tools and focus on results puts real results in users’ hands in weeks, not months.

Using modular design, automation, cloud, and open source technologies combined with working closely with our customers results in the lowest possible costs and continuous improvements every month.

Why CODE Information Technology?

Code’s IT flexible and experienced teams not only understand the technology, they also understand your business needs and how to deliver better results faster. Our experts have in-depth knowledge of cloud, big data, analytics, open source, automation, and machine learning.