Data Services

Data Services

CODE makes all this possible through a range of data services, from developing data strategy to offering a fully managed solution that turns multiple data streams into commercial value.
Our approach means you get results – results that align with your specific business goals. We combine the latest technologies (cloud, analytics, automation, and machine learning) with our unique blend of technical expertise and hands-on experience to deliver insights, process automation and improve your products.

What can data services offer?

Putting data in the hands of all your employees in order to make better decisions, create innovation, and find cost savings.
Give data to your data scientists to create better models to predict the future.
Use data to automate processes and create new products and revenue streams

Analytics Service

Analytics as a Service from CODE puts the power of data in everyone’s hands so they can make more informed decisions, develop new sources of revenue, improve customer experiences, and more.

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Dedicated Analytics Services

CODE can develop the analytics solution that is right for your business, and provide the services you need upon request. Whether you need a comprehensive data solution or want to focus on a specific business analytics challenge, we can help.

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Big Data

Provides solutions for big data, choosing the best solution for your unique solution can be difficult. Big data helps demystify these processes. Our big data engineers, engineers, and consultants can navigate the world of big data, reliable data,

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Advanced Analytics

Becoming a market leader starts with data. Used effectively, data can help you create dynamic customer experiences, improve return on investment, reduce time to market, and increase market share. The key to success is making data smart.

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Update data warehouse

Faster data integration and analytics results with a modern data warehouse. Benefit from our 20 years of experience, deep technical expertise in both open source and cloud databases, and strong relationships with Google public cloud vendors,

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